Made for the "Lost Cartage" Game Jam. this game emulates the look and feel of classic SNES sidescroller games. This game was made in about 20 hours. 

"F" to attack, "space" to jump. Arrow keys to move. Hold "down arrow" and direction to dash. "ESC" for menu. Enjoy!


Programming and Game Design: RedwoodEnt

Free Pixelart Tileset - Cute Forest. aamatniekss
Stringstar Fields - Trixie

Pixel Monster Pack 2 - Rvos
Warrior - Free Animation Set - V1.3

Boss Battle #2 - nene
Battle RPG - CleytonRX
Hero Immortal - Trevor Lentz
Chiptunes Stage 1 - Juhani Junkala


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Cool.  Where did you get the female warrior asset? or did you make it?

Wallclimbing right now is a bit strange but mapping the sword attacks to up on the arrow keys was a good move.


Hey thank you for checking it out. I must have burned 5 hours on that stupid wall climbing. I want to make it tricky without being too easy and I never got that sweet spot. Thanks for the feedback.